Essential sun safety

Posted on June 21, 2012


Each summer, Bostonians flock to the beach for picnics, swimming, relaxation and exercise. In Massachusetts, melanoma rates are 26 percent higher than the national average. We all love to enjoy the sun, but there are simple ways to protect your skin from its powerful UV rays.

  • Staying safe in the sun is easy:
  • Use sunscreens that are at least SPF 30.
  • Reapply even 1-2 hours, especially if you’re active or swimming.
  • Be sure to cover your entire body, even hard-to reach places, like behind your ears.
  • Wear sunglasses and clothes that contain UV protection.
  • Don’t forget your hat – scalps can get burned too!

One might think too much clothing on at the beach is a burden, but actually, light clothing is recommended. Light tee shirts or dresses, and long sleeves help protect against the sun. When there is no shade and the beaming, hot rays are hitting bodies, reconsider being completely out in the sun without cool, loose, breezy clothing.

To avoid being at high risk for melanoma or any other skin diseases and deficiencies, avoid the midday sun where the heat and sun are at its peak. Plan outdoor activities where there is ample shade, and remember to wear light clothing. For people who like to tan and sunbathe, consider self-tanning lotion or cream instead. It is not the real sun, but the effects can look great!

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