Using social media for a healthier life

Posted on May 30, 2012



We live in a connected world, and now, it‘s easier than ever to find health information online and even track healthy behaviors on our phones. The City of Boston is on board with getting you the best health information and services in the most efficient digital way:

Social media:


  • Follow the Boston Public Health Commission on Twitter for frequent updated on health news and initiatives in the city, including the locations of delicious Farmers Markets @HealthyBoston.
  • Check out the Massachusetts Department of Public health for reputable health information concerning our area @MassDPH.
  • For a fun summer, check out the healthy activities posted by the City of Boston @summerboston.
  • Let’s not forget that the Boston Celtic’s captain, Paul Pierce, has a lot to say about the truth on health @Truthonhealth.

Facebook: The Boston Public Health Commission also has a Facebook page with an updated timeline profile for easier access to great information.

YouTube: If you prefer your health information in a video format, then you should like the Boston Public Health Commission YouTube channel.

Blogs and websites

  • The Mayor’s Health Line blog is filled with tremendous information, but do not forget about the Boston Public Health Commission’s Healthy Boston Blog for other updates.
  • The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has an informative and detailed blog titled Commonwealth Conversations.
  • The Boston Public Health Commission homepage is always a great place to start for finding health information and services. The web site offers search, translation features, and sidebar browsing.
  • Boston Moves for Health is an initiative by Mayor Menino to get the residents of the City of Boston more active and lose a million pounds! The web site offers tools to help you log and track your fitness goals while providing relevant news, updates, and information to keep you motivated and fit. 
  • Paul Pierce has some ideas on how young people can enhance their life in healthy ways. Want more? Check out the Boston Youth Zone for lots of activities.

There are plenty of useful tools for you to find reliable and local health information—now go use them! From fun activities to setting personalized goals, you can depend on these online resources for healthier living.

For more information please call the Mayor’s Health Line at 617-534-5050.

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