Boston Moves For Public Health

Posted on May 17, 2012



In a push by Mayor Menino to improve Bostonian’s overall health, his campaign, Boston Moves for Health was launched earlier last month. The Mayor has challenged the people of Boston to collectively lose one million pounds and walk ten million miles to successfully complete the challenge. “Together, we have come a long way toward making Boston a healthier city, and Boston Moves for Health is the next step forward,” says Menino.

BostonMovesForHealth is a great free tool for participants trying to get in shape, and helps out those who want to make health goals, record their progress, find workout routines and connect with others who are trying to get in shape. In 2011 the American College of Sports Medicine listed Boston as the third healthiest city in America, but 56 percent of Boston’s adult are overweight or obese – a condition mostly present in the low-income communities.

The initiative has listed four main goals:

  • Increase opportunities for adults to be more physically active, eat healthy foods, and reduce their consumption of sugary drinks
  • Increase opportunities for children and youth in childcare settings, schools, and out-of-school-time programs to be physically active and to be offered water with meals and snacks
  • Increase the number of workplaces that promote and provide healthy beverages and offer employees opportunities to attain/maintain a healthy weight

Increase the number of patients and neighborhood residents participating in programs that promote healthy eating and/or active living

Boston Moves for Health is a fun and interactive way to help people stay on track to meet their health goals by providing community support, free resources and exciting activities,” says Dr. Barbara Ferrer executive director of the Boston Public Health Commission.

Keep an eye out for events and promotions that help Bostonians get into shape. Sign up on the web site to be on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

For more information please call the Mayors Health Line (617-543-5050). If you found this blog interesting, check out Stay Fit Boston or Cut Stress and Live a Healthier Life.


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