The Growing Problem of too much Sodium

Posted on March 5, 2012



Studies have shown that 75% of the sodium Americans consume comes from restaurant and processed foods and most experts agree that Americans eat 50 percent more sodium than they should. One in four adults in Massachusetts has high blood pressure, increased chance for heart attack and stroke due to sodium intake.

Recently, The Massachusetts Department of Public Health launched the “Choose Less Sodium” campaign to raise awareness about how sodium is impacting many lives.

Key takeaways include:

  • Harmful effects on too much salt.
  • Amount of salt can vary by food brand.
  • Ways to reduce the sodium in your diet.
  • The recommended amount of salt based on U.S. Dietary Guidelines

You can find messaging from the “Choose Less Sodium” campaign in places like worksites, health centers, hospitals, community centers and clinics. Additionally,  Mass in Motion recently released information on how sodium intake can be decreased in local communities. There have been 53 communities in Massachusetts that have teamed up with Mass in Motion to promote healthy lifestyles for the residents of Massachusetts.

The two movements have helped countless people throughout the state deal with obesity and the ever growing problem of too much sodium. Please also take a moment to read our previous blogs on health habits:  Break Bad Habits and School Lunches Make the Grade.

For more information visit our website or call Mayors Health Line (617-534-5050).

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