Need Help With Your Taxes?

Posted on January 31, 2012



Are you a Boston resident that Needs Help With Your Taxes?

Mayor Menino along with non-profit, corporate, and community partners have formed the Credit Coalition. This coalition provides low and moderate income taxpayers with FREE tax preparation services that can be costly when completed at businesses like H & R block or Jackson-Hewitt. Menino and the Boston EITC coalition may be able to help you receive the full refund you deserve and at no cost to you.

If you qualify, you and your family may receive quality tax preparation with free electronic filing by an IRS Certified Tax Preparer and even receive the tax credits you may be eligible for; such as earned income tax credit and child tax credit.

Since 2001 the coalition has provided these services at twenty eight volunteer-staffed locations around the Boston. Along with tax help, financial coaching which promotes economic empowerment is available for those who need it. This financial coaching covers credit advising, US savings bonds and can be very helpful parents who have kids in college that complete the Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Build for you and your family’s future. Please visit for more information on where you may get free tax assistance and what to bring.

There is also a volunteer portal for those who would like to support the coalition and help the people of Boston. Volunteers can apply on the Boston Tax Help website.

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