Absentee Ballot Applications Now Available in Boston

Posted on January 19, 2012



Request or Renew your Absentee Ballot Application for the March 6 Presidential Primary

Will you be voting for US President this year? Absentee ballot applications for 2012 are now available. Since an application for an absentee ballot must be submitted and/or renewed by each voter every calendar year, The Board advises voters considering the use of an absentee ballot for the March 6 Presidential Primary to apply now.

Given the unpredictability of early March weather, the elderly, or voters with mobility challenges, may want to consider applying for an absentee ballot for the Primary.  Applications may be obtained by calling the Election Department at 617-635-3767 or can be downloaded from the Department’s webpage: www.cityofboston.gov/elections. If a voter is unsure whether or not his/her absentee ballot request is up-to-date, please call the Election Department.

March 6 is a Primary so Unenrolled (or Independent) voters should indicate on the application which party ballot (Democrat, Green-Rainbow, or Republican) you wish to be sent. Those who have already indicated party affiliations will receive the ballot of their chosen party, unless a party change has been received no later than 20 days before the Primary.

The last day to register to vote, change one’s voting address, or change one’s party affiliation in time for the Primary is February 15. All mailed forms must be postmarked no later than February 15.

 For more information, please contact 617-635-3767 or through www.cityofboston.gov/elections.

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