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Posted on December 8, 2011



Today, a pipeline in central Homs, Syria was attacked.  President Bashar al-Assad blamed the attack on unnamed terrorists.  The pipeline, which carried oil to a refinery, is the second pipeline to be targeted during the Syrian civil unrest.

Homs is a site already known to be one battleground of the violent clashes between state forces and civilian protesters.  The embattled Syrian president began his brutal crackdown of the opposition movement earlier this year.  Inspired by the revolts in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, some in the Syrian populace, are hoping to remove al-Assad and establish a democratic state.

On December 1, the United Nations estimated that 4,000 people have been killed.  The United States and the European Union have issued sanctions against Syria.

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 New York

Today, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new tax plan was passed and approved by NY legislators.  The plan raises taxes on the wealthiest bracket of NY residents, and cuts taxes for couples making less than $300,000 a year.

The deal was first announced on December 6.

The plan is estimated to raise $1.9 billion in new revenue.  Approximately, $400 million will go to flood recovery and youth employment opportunities.  The remaining $1.5 billion will go towards the deficit.  President Barack Obama is trying to establish a tax code along these lines at the national level.

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Planning to run for president next year, Russia’s former president Vladimir Putin has vowed to change his stance on strategic priorities and overhaul his Cabinet. 

Perhaps concerned about the protests that have been raging in Moscow after dubious election results reestablished control of United Russia (Putin’s political party), Putin is gearing up for a political showdown that’s sure to come from his contentious campaign.

The elections were marred with violations including ballot stuffing.

The United Russia party, although losing 12 million voting supporters, a 25% decline from 4 years ago, still holds the majority of representatives in the Duma (Russia’s legislative house).

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