Promise for New Breast and Ovarian Cancer Vaccine

Posted on November 9, 2011


The PANVAC vaccine shows promise in early studies.  The vaccine prompts the immune system to attack tumor cells.  PANVAC targets ovarian and breast cancerous cells.

 Scientists tested the vaccine on 26 patients.  12 had breast cancer and 14 had ovarian cancer.  Results were as follows:

 -those with breast cancer

  • the diseases’ progression stalled for 2.5 months 
  •  median survival was 14 months
  • women had stable disease (their cancer did not grow nor shrink)

 -women with ovarian cancer reported

  •  month gap in disease progression
  • survival rate of 15 months
  • had stable disease


 Studies were conducted by the National Cancer Institute and their research was featured in the November 8 issue of Clinical Cancer Research.


This study was small, and PANVAC is not expected to hit the market any time soon.  There still needs to be more research done.

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