Posted on October 31, 2011


Popular former Brazilian president Lula da Silva will undergo chemotherapy for his throat cancer. He is currently hospitalized.

 A 2-3 centimeter tumor was found in the former’s president throat on October 29, only two days after his 66th birthday.  Because the cancer was detected early, he will not undergo surgery.  However, he will be subject to three sessions of outpatient chemotherapy which might cause hair loss.

 With his approval rating hovering around 87% when he left office, President Lula is one of the most popular Brazilian leaders in history.  Under his leadership, 21 million Brazilians no longer faced poverty, unemployment fell to a record low, and inflation rates dropped by more than half. 

 Despite no longer holding office, Brazilians are showing their support for President Lula.

 Throat cancer is usually caused by excessive smoking and heavy drinking.  According to the National Library of Medicine, if detected early, throat cancer can be cured in 90% of patients.

 President Lula is being treated at the Sirio-Libanes Hospital in Sao Paolo, Brazil.  Current president, and Lula’s mentee, Dilma Rousseff was also treated there in 2009 for lymphoma.

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