Food Insecurity

Posted on October 28, 2011


Food insecurity is a problem that remains unnoticed by many people in our society. What is it? Food insecurity occurs when someone does not always have enough food to meet their basic dietary need.

On a recent study done by the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA), 10.4% of national   households go without adequate food resources, and 3.1% suffered from hunger. The issue in hand is though “only” 10.4% of households may suffer from hunger, the reality is children are impacted the most. 20% or more of the children live in households without consistent access to food; with such alarming numbers, experts are predicting that because of the rise in unemployment these numbers are estimated to increase.  Child hunger can impact physical and mental health, development and education. There are some programs in place to help those that are in need of assistance but for the most part there are underlying issues that impede people to seek the help. Some of these include embarrassment and lack of knowledge of resources out there. Here’s a list of a few places that may be able to help those in need:


In the state of mass

  • DTA –  1-866-950-FOOD (3663)
  • MHL – 1800-847-5050 or 617-534-5050
  • Feeding America –  some local food banks

More information visit these sites: Health and Human Services and Feeding America.

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