Posted on October 11, 2011


Health Literacy:

There are several definitions out there, but basically it is two-sided:  for consumers, it’s their ability to access, understand and act on health information; for health professionals, it’s their ability to communicate health information clearly to consumers in culturally and linguistically appropriate ways. There are many great resources on Health Literacy. Here is a link to a free online course of health literacy. The Harvard School of Public Health has also published a book, Teaching Patients with Low Literacy Skills, to help healthcare providers increase health literacy among patients. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has uploaded a great Guide –Taking Care of Myself: A Guide for When I Leave the Hospital, which is great to take to any healthcare appointment so that we (patients) can take notes to remember what the doctor has said. This also encourages patients to ask questions about something they do not understand, because it has a few sections about “why am I taking this medication” etc.

I hope this helps you all start participating in Health Literacy Month. Here are more links to help.

(Video)Health literacy and patient safety: Help patients understand
Health Literacy Tool Kit  

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