Hard Time Concentrating?

Posted on August 25, 2011


Whether you’re living with ADHD or just having trouble focusing on anything, today’s world is full of concentration assassins. The following are some tips to manage your distractions, starting with social media.

Everybody wants to stay connected with friends and know what’s going on, and it’s extremely easy to do so and easier to disconnect from work many times throughout the day. This occurs your on Facebook or twitter and every status zaps your train of thought, forcing you to retrace your thoughts when you resume your work.

Here’s the fix!

Avoid logging in to social media sites while you’re working. If you feel that it is a must to check in every so often do so only during. If it gets to the point where you are constantly login in, take your work into a place where you have no internet access for a few hours.


There’s something about them that when you receive it in your inbox you have the urge to answer them immediately. Although most emails are work related, they still are a distraction and you won’t get much done if you are checking every email sent to you and replying back.

Here’s the fix for that. Instead of checking your email every single time you get a notification set a time to go into your inbox and view what you received, also try just shutting down your email program for a while.

Now cell phones can be just as bad of a distraction or even worse than the two other examples stated above. First most of us can’t ignore the phone when it rings, but keep in mind that taking a call or txt not only cost u in your next phone bill but it can cut off your drive on the task in hand.

The solution? If you can turn off the phone or put it on vibrate/silent. Put caller ID to good use. When you see who’s calling and believe it’s not an urgent call let it go to voicemail, then choose a specific time to check your voice mails and texts all at once. This way its less disruptive than taking every call or text  as it comes in.

Multitasking. Yes, you’ve mastered the art of multitasking and think you are getting more done in less time. Think again, research suggest you lose time when you shift your attention from one task to another. Meaning your working a lot harder and getting close to nowhere fast than you would doing one thing at a time.

The fix is easy, devote your attention to one project at a time, especially if you’re working on a intense project. Save those skills for less important tasks like answering the phone and tidying up your desk.

Bore-doom! Let’s be honest some tasks we have to do are more appealing than others. And if you’re like me the boring ones burn through your attention span in minutes, making you vulnerable to distractions.

So the fix is making a deal with yourself. If you stay on the task for a certain amount of time you earn a 10 min break. Go out get some coffee, eat a snack or take a walk you deserve it! Boring tasks are easier to finish when you have something to look forward to. Or if you have the luxury to listen to music while performing the task is a plus, it can help you stay put long enough to get the job done.

Stress.  We can’t get away from it and we all have to deal with it do most times we come out on top of it. But sometimes it can be a big burden and you may feel like you have too much on your plate, it becomes hard to focus on tasks and it takes a toll on your body and that only adds on to your distractions.

The trick is, learn or develop some stress reducing techniques. For example meditation or even having a time of day to go out for a walk and vent out your stress.

Hunger and fatigue also make it hard to concentrate. You can’t focus without fuel, so skipping meals especially breakfast is a top concentration killer. Fatigue from lack of sleeps affect your attention span and your short-term memory.

The fix, sleep more. Make sleep a first priority; adults need 7-9 hrs of sleep per night. To keep your hunger at bay always eat breakfast, high protein snacks (cheese, nuts) and skip on simple carbs (sweets, white pasta).

Depression. Though many associated it with sadness it is actually more associated with difficulty concentrating. If you’re feeling hopeless, or indifferent you may be experiencing depression.

If you think you might be depressed, the first step is talk to your primary health doctor of counselor. Depression is treatable.

Attention Deficit  Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) it’s not just a problem for kids. More than half the kids with ADHD continue to experience symptoms as adults and have trouble focusing.

If you have constant trouble focusing, and you are aware of attention problems as a kid, ask your doctor about ADHD. There are ways to manage the condition.

Check this link out for more concentration killers and tips.

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