Farms on the T?

Posted on August 17, 2011



From mid August through mid October, riders on the Red and Orange Lines will be able to find farmers’ markets, farms, farm stands, agricultural fairs, CSA’s, wine makers, dairy, pick-your-own farms, agri-tourism, garden centers, Buy Locals, culinary destinations, and much more – all while commuting on the T. Thanks to a collaborative effort between the MBTA and the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR), MDAR is launching an outreach ad campaign that will direct folks to the Department’s MassGrown & Fresher website via a QR Code. Riders can scan the QR code and connect directly to local agriculture near to where they live.

MDAR is the first  Department of Agriculture in the country to integrate a QR Code into outreach materials (the first one appeared on the back of its 2011 fairs brochure).  Said Commissioner Scott Soares, “We are a scrappy agency and will try all kinds of things to get the word out to more people how they can better access locally grown agricultural products