Gym Membership

Posted on August 2, 2011


Exercise is essential to maintain a healthy body! There are many sports centers and gyms around Boston such as Body by Brandy, the YMCA, HEALTHWORKS Fitness Center for Women, Southend Fitness Center, and Mike’s Fitness. Here within the Mayors Health Line, the Get Active! Program, was established to encourage the community to exercise, and “get active”. The federal government funded the BPHC program within the Mayor’s Health Line to provide callers physical activity information and/or subsidized gym memberships to city of Boston residents. The goal of Get Active! is to reduce Boston resident’s obesity rates through increasing physical activity access through free and affordable gym memberships and other exercise opportunities.

If you do chose to exercise at a gym or sports center, it is important to remember that exercising on communal machines exposes you to bacteria, viruses, and infection. Just make sure to cover any cuts and scrapes, clean the machines before and after you use them, and do not use shared equipment such as towels, socks, or bars of soap. For more advice on healthy gym practices, please click here.

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