Osteoporosis Anyone?

Posted on July 22, 2011


Osteoporosis is not an illness that anyone would choose, yet it affects over half of Americans above the age of 50, and is about 4 times more common in women than men. Osteoporosis makes your bones become thinner and put you at risk of breaking bones more easily. It is important to maintain good levels of calcium throughout your life span. If levels get too low, the body will take calcium from your bones to increase your low calcium levels in other parts of your body. If you have low levels of calcium throughout your lifetime, your body will continually steal calcium from your bones, leaving you with weak, fragile bones in the future.

Where should I get my calcium from?

 Dairy, green vegetables, orange juice, bread, and supplemental vitamins are great sources of calcium. Vitamin D is also important in this process, as it allows the calcium to be absorbed from the intestinal walls. Exercise is also good to help strengthen your bones by stimulating the formation of the bone and increasing bone density. We need between 1,000 -1,500 milligrams of calcium a day.

Here is another resource to learn more about osteoporosis: National Osteoporosis Foundation. If you have any questions please contact us at the Mayors Health Line (617-534-5050).