Local Food Movement: Boston’s Farmers Markets

Posted on July 5, 2011


Where do you shop for fresh produce?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are important components of a balanced diet. Some people shop at local supermarkets for produce, but many people do not have access to those large supermarkets. Boston’s Farmers Markets, which sell the fresh produce we all need in order to acquire essential vitamins and nutrients, have many locations all around Boston.

 The Mass Farmers Markets (MFM) has united with farmers and communities to not only improve the access of fresh produce in Boston but to also increase communal and economic development. The Mass Farmers Markets is hoping to increase both the sustainability of small farms, and Bostonians access to the fresh produce they need.

MFM also offers online resources to promote nutrition. This website groups foods by vegetables, fruits, plants, baked items, dairy & milk, and niche. Then categorizes the foods by color, name, vitamins and nutrients, and markets and farms which have the food item (ex. Fruit red, apples, good source of vitamin C, Lycopene &Anthocyanians).

Take advantage of these Farmers Markets which are often less expensive than supermarkets, and offer a wide array of healthy produce. To find the closest Farmers Market to your home, call the Federation of Mass Farmers Market (781-893-8222) or browse this website: http://www.massfarmersmarkets.org/FMFM_Main.aspx.  Select markets provide additional services such as delivery services, online sales, neighborhood business coupons, and also take Food Stamps/EBT.

If you have any questions call the Mayors Health Line at (617-534-5050).