Adolescent Drug Use

Posted on June 29, 2011


This morning while I was browsing health related websites, I read an interesting article on adolescent drug use. It talked about an adolescent boy who went out his way to perform good deeds for the community, yet secretly he was addicted to drugs.  He started marijuana at age 14 and advanced to oxycontin two years after.  At age 22, he tried to commit suicide, this put him in a coma, and he died shortly after. These tragedies can be avoided.

It is reported the 90% of drug additions begin in high school. Drug addiction is described as something you do not understand or realize until you witness it and how much it can take over your life. According to Researchers from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA), 9 out of 10 American addicts began smoking, using drugs, or drinking prior to the age of 18, & 1 in 4 of the people become addicted to some drug. During adolescence, the brain is developing and more sensitive to substances, as the brain is still developing until age 25. This is a major health problem that needs attention and action. Keep in mind, there is no face of drug abuse, it can happen to anyone.  Here are valuable resources to help anyone interested in learning more. The Bureau of Addiction Prevention, Treatment and Recovery, and Recovery Support Services provides a variety of addiction services including treatment, prevention, advocacy, and harm reduction to fill the unmet needs of highly vulnerable populations. Also refer to Medline Plus for more information on drug abuse.

If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs and need treatment, call the Mayor’s Health Line at 617-534-5050.