Man Puts Himself in Jail to Get Medical Care

Posted on June 21, 2011


The rising costs of medical services have left many unable to pay for treatment. As a result, people can sometimes go to desperate measures to receive health care. James Richard Verone did just that. In order to receive free medical care; he robbed a bank and went to jail.

Verone had been in and out of jobs. He was working at a convenience store when he became physically ill.

The bending and lifting made his back ache. He had problems with his left foot, making him limp. He also suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis.

Then he noticed a protrusion on his chest. “The pain was beyond the tolerance that I could accept,” Verone told the Gaston Gazette. “I kind of hit a brick wall with everything.”

Verone attempted applying for Social Security, but was only eligible for food stamps. He needed urgent medical attention and was left with little options. In desperation, Verone decided that he would rob a bank, go to jail, and to receive medical attention there.

He took a cab down New Hope Road and picked a bank at random — RBC Bank.

Verone didn’t want to scare anyone.

He executed the robbery the most passive way he knew how. He handed the teller a note demanding $1, and medical attention.

“I didn’t have any fears,” said Verone. “I told the teller that I would sit over here and wait for police.”

Verone is now in jail and already has a doctor’s appointment booked. He plans to stay there until he receives the medical attention he needs. James Verone went to the extremes in order to see a doctor. This highlights the problem of underinsurance and how it affects everyday people.

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