When Do Celebrations Go Too Far?

Posted on June 16, 2011


In the past 10 years, Boston has seen some great championship wins from the Red Sox, Celtics, and Patriots. Last night fans gathered outside to celebrate yet another team, the Bruins. Police were stationed throughout the city to ensure the safety of Boston residents.

The extra security seemed to have worked. This year, “Boston police reported several arrests but few serious incidents as Bruins fans reveled in the team’s first Stanley Cup championship in nearly four decades. Precautions taken Wednesday allowed the city to avoid the violence and destruction that have plagued past sports celebrations” (Fox News).

In Vancouver however, the rioting took a dangerous turn; cars were set on fire, stores were looted, and many were arrested. Images of the riot can be seen below:

Many of us enjoy celebrating when one of our favorite teams win an important game. However, when do the celebrations go too far?

For those who were out there celebrating or mourning their team, please share with us your experience. How did you spend the moment safely? What could have improved to better accommodate the situation? For those that were in Boston, how well did the city handle the celebration? Was it appropriate?