Goodbye Food Pyramid, Hello MyPlate

Posted on June 7, 2011


If you were to Google the food pyramid, you would find that there are many different versions out there.  Dietary guidelines are constantly changing, and in turn, so are food pyramids to reflect these changes. The food pyramid you learned about in sixth grade health class is not the same one you would see nowadays. In fact, the U.S Department of Agriculture has just said goodbye to the pyramid and introduced us with the plate.

Unveiled last week, MyPlate is “a truly simple, powerful visual cue to help people adopt healthy eating habits at meal times” (ABC News). The plate is divided into four sections; fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein. A cup of dairy is also included. It is meant to replicate what your plate should look like during a meal.

MyPlate is meant to replace the food pyramid, which people often found confusing. It is difficult for one to estimate servings and keep track of their meals all day. MyPlate makes it easy for anyone to understand how to balance their meals.

“As long as they’re eating proper portions, as long as half of their meal is fruits and vegetables alongside their lean proteins, whole grains and low-fat dairy, then we’re good.  It’s as simple as that,” the first lady said at the MyPlate unveiling.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about MyPlate and where to go to get more information.

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