Healthy Beach Snacks for You and Your family

Posted on June 1, 2011


Now that summer is finally here, most of you will be heading to the beaches. Spending time on the beach can be fun and exciting. However, a long, hot day out in the sun can leave you starving before noon even arrives. The boardwalks are often filled with long lines of fast food joints that serve nothing but greasy, fried food. Your choices become pretty limited to the following:

A better option is to buy a cooler and pack your own lunch. Packing your own lunch has many benefits. It saves you money, time, and most importantly you can make sure it’s healthy. Here are some of our favorite healthy beach snacks for you and your family:

Water: The strong sun can drain your energy very quickly. In order to stay hydrated, pack many bottles of cold water. Another alternative is to pack coconut water. Coconut water works like a sport drink without the sugar. It’s loaded with electrolytes and potassium to keep you hydrated all day.

Fruit Salad: Fruit salad is healthy, easy to make, and very refreshing. Simply mix cut up watermelon, cantaloupes, melons, strawberries, grapes, and blue berries into a bowl and you’re done. You can always take out any of these fruits and add your own favorites. If you are really limited on time, you can buy premade fruit salad at a local supermarket.

Hummus: Hummus is great; it comes in many flavors and can be combined with many different foods. Try dipping carrot sticks or cut up cucumbers into hummus. You can also try pretzels, whole grain pita chips. Hummus can also be used on sandwiches as an alternative to fatty Mayo. If you aren’t a fan of hummus, try salsa, tabouli, or bean dip instead.

Make-Your-Own Wraps: Instead of opting for fatty burgers and fries, why not bring your own sandwiches. We recommend starting off with a whole wheat wrap (bread tends to get soggy). Then fill it up with your favorite vegetables, lean deli meat, and low fat cheese. Add a little flavor with honey mustard or hummus. For a fun activity, have the kids make their own wraps.

Tuna Salad: Make your own tuna salad, by mixing tuna with light mayo and diced up vegetables such as celery and onions. You can then eat the tuna salad with whole wheat crackers or use it to make a tuna salad wrap. Don’t forget to add extra veggies.

So before you reach for the hotdog and funnel cake, remember that there are healthier options. For more resources on nutrition, call the Mayor’s health Line at 617-534-5050.