Noteworthy News of the Week

Posted on May 20, 2011


Budget plan will not restore immigrants’ health care
May 19 2011, Chelsea Conaboy, Boston Globe
The Senate budget plan released yesterday does not include money for expanding health insurance coverage for legal immigrants, and the chamber’s chief budget writer said lawmakers will not act to reinstate immigrants to a state health plan unless a court tells them to.

Panel urges acetaminophen dosage directions for those under 2
May 19 2011, Matthew Perrone, Boston Globe
SILVER SPRING, Md. — Federal health experts said yesterday that dosing instructions for children younger than 2 years old should be added to Children’s Tylenol and similar products containing acetaminophen, the popular pain reliever and fever reducer.

Electrode Experiment Shows Promise as a Paralyzed Man Stands
May 19 2011, Denise Grady, NY Times
A young man paralyzed by an injury to his spinal cord has regained the ability to stand for short periods, take steps with help and move his legs and feet at will, with the help of an electrical stimulator implanted in his lower back.

McDonald’s defends its right to advertise to children
May 19 2011, Emily Bryson York and Gregory Karp, Los Angeles Times
The national debate on corporate responsibility played out in a microcosm at McDonald’s annual meeting Thursday, when votes on shareholder proposals became a referendum on the pursuit of profit versus the question of what constitutes the public good.

Medicare funds will be depleted in 13 years, report says
May 13 2011, N.C. Aizenman, Washington Post
Medicare’s main trust fund will be depleted by 2024, five years earlier than projected last year, according to the report by the trustees overseeing the program — largely because they have downgraded their expectations of economic growth.