Noteworthy News of the Week

Posted on May 13, 2011


Romney says he stands by Mass. Law
May 13 2011, Matt Viser, Boston Globe
Mitt Romney stoutly defended his Massachusetts health care law in the face of its conservative critics, and called yesterday for replacing President Obama’s national plan with a more state-based overhaul of the US health care system.

Study: Care costs continue brisk growth in 2011
May 11 2011, Tom Murphy, Associated Press
Health care costs have more than doubled for some American families over the past nine years, and they show few signs of dropping, according to a report released Wednesday by the actuarial consulting firm Milliman Inc.

Experts debate destroying last smallpox viruses
May 13 2011, Maria Cheng, Boston Globe
Smallpox, one of the world’s deadliest diseases, eradicated three decades ago, is kept alive under tight security today in just two places — the United States and Russia.

Cameras to measure what students eat
May 12 2011, Boston Globe
That’s the idea behind a $2 million project unveiled yesterday in the lunchroom of a San Antonio elementary school, where high-tech cameras installed in the cafeteria will begin photographing what foods children pile onto their trays — and later capture what they do not finish

Judge Cites Mom’s Breast Cancer in Denying Custody of Children
May 10 2011, Courtney Hutchison, ABC News
In a bitter child custody battle, Alaina Giordano’s terminal breast cancer has been a strike against her in court. A North Carolina judge denied Giordano primary custody of her two children in part because “the course of her disease is unknown” and “children who have a parent with cancer need more contact with the non-ill parent.”