Happy National Public Health Week!

Posted on April 4, 2011


Since 1995, National Public Health Week has been celebrated on the first week of April. This year’s theme “Safety Is No Accident” focuses on injury prevention.


It only takes a moment for an injury to happen – a fall on a stair, a moment’s glance away from the road, a biking or sports-related injury, a medication mix-up. But it also takes just a moment to protect against injuries and make communities safer. The potential for injury is all around us. Each year, nearly 150,000 people die from injuries, and almost 30 million people are injured seriously enough to go to the emergency room ( NPHW.org).


All week the Mayor’s Health Line will be providing you with tips and ideas to live injury-free. Stay posted and you may learn some interesting new ways to keep you and your loved ones safe from avoidable injuries.