A New Website to Answer the Who, What, When, and Why’s of Vaccines

Posted on March 30, 2011


The US Department of Health and Human Services has just launched a new website to help consumers and parents with all their vaccine questions. Vaccine.gov is a great resource for those want to learn more about recommended vaccines.  The website is easy to understand and tailored to the needs of consumers.


The website covers everything from the basics to travel information. Some highlights include:


Basics :  Here you will find information on the safety and effectiveness of vaccines and immunizations. You can also get an overview of immune system and how they are affected by vaccines.


Diseases : This section gives you information on a number of diseases. It is primarily used to show what vaccines can be used to treat a certain disease.


Who and When : The Who and When section of the website is a very useful tool, especially for parents. It separates vaccine schedules according to age. You can go here to easily look up when and what type of vaccination you or your child may be in need of.


Take a look at Vaccine.gov if you have any questions concerning vaccines and immunizations. If you need more resources or help getting vaccinated call the Mayor’s Health Line at 617-534-5050.