Action Alert! Protect Health Reform on its one-year anniversary

Posted on March 16, 2011


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act turn one on March 23. In the year since its passage, the law has provided greater access to preventive health services. In Massachusetts alone, it has strengthened laws to allow young adults up to age 26 to stay on their parents’ health plans, prevented insurance companies from access to insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition and advanced many other life-saving measures.


As you know, the law includes meaningful provisions aimed at investing in prevention and wellness in this country. This includes required coverage of recommended preventive services in new private insurance plans and critical improvements to the Medicare and Medicaid programs to improve access to preventive clinical services. Perhaps most notably, for the first time ever, mandatory federal funding in the form of a Prevention and Public Health Fund will make dedicated investments to states and local communities to fill the demand for services, programs, and policy changes to make it easier for Americans to make healthier choices and lead longer, more productive lives.


However, several attempts have been made by Congressional Republicans to defund significant portions of the ACA including the Prevention and Public Health Fund. HR 1, the budget passed in the House of Representatives, which would have defunded much of the ACA, failed to pass the US Senate earlier this week, as did a Democrat alternative budget. Also this week, several hearings targeted at reducing HHS funding  specifically targeted the Prevention and Public Health Fund.



Please use this sample letter to urge your Senators to support the Affordable Care Act, including all prevention and wellness components. Simply type in your zip code and you will be provided with a form to send out to your senator. With your support, we can ensure that vital programs aimed at preventing disease and illness and promoting health and wellness continue.


As we prepare for the one-year anniversary, the Mayor’s Health Line wants to hear how provisions in the Affordable Care Act have benefited you and your family. Send us an e-mail at and share your story with health care advocates.


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