6 Ways the Internet Can Keep You In Shape

Posted on March 4, 2011


Getting and staying fit just got a lot more convenient. Interactive fitness websites are popping up all over the internet. They offer an array of health-related tips from workout plans to food journals, and everything in between. Check out the websites below if you are looking to get motivated!


Map My Run

If you are want to start running or are already an avid runner, then this is the site for you! On map my run you can draw out your own running, biking, hiking, even dog walking route and see just how far it is that you’re really going. It also gives you the option of searching routes that have already been uploaded. There are already 28,000 routes in the Boston area alone!



Fit by fun is comparable to Wii for the computer screen. The character on the screen performs exercises intended for you to copy. You can customize the music, the workout, and even background. As you work out you’ll find out how many calories you’re burning  and the application will keep track of this over time.


Create Your Own Workout Video

Finally, we’ve designed the ultimate personal workout tool. You tell us what you need (the body parts you want to target, how much time you have, what equipment you want to use) and we’ll create a video workout in moments, just for you. That is how fitness magazine describes their very useful and convenient tool. If you are sure of what you want to target, but aren’t sure of what types of exercises to do then this is a website you should take a look at.


Exercise TV

Exercise TV is like on-demand for your computer. Here you can watch hundreds of different workout videos tailored to your needs. The options are endless; you can choose anything from strength training to belly dancing. Also, for a small fee you can download videos and take them with you to the gym.



If you are away from home but still want to keep up with your daily walk or run, then this website can help. Run.com shows you running routes from all around the world. You can sort through the routes using different criteria, and then the route will show up on google maps. It is a great tool for those who are on vacation and are not familiar with the area.


Daily Burn

Daily Burn is your online journal for everything fitness and health related. Here you can track your meals, exercise routines, and progress. You can also join communities and find workout buddies who share the same goals as you. The website also offers “challenges” for weight loss, running, and even push up goals. Daily Burn is a great site to help you stay on track with your diet and exercise.


For more health tips, take a look at the National Library of Medicine.