800,000 Car Seats Have Been Recalled! Call us for a child car seat appointment now!

Posted on February 17, 2011


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced that Dorel Juvenile Group’s car seats are being recalled due to safety restraint problems. This may leave many parents wondering whether their child is safe or not. Here, at the Mayor’s Health Line we can help answer your questions.

If the new recall has left you worried, call us at 617-534-5050 and we will help you set up a car seat appointment with a specialist.

At least 8 out of 10 children are not properly buckled into their car seats. This contributes to the thousands of children injured in crashes each year. The type of seat your child needs depends on several things including your child’s size and the type of vehicle you have. To be sure your child is using the most appropriate seat make an appointment today!

Click here for more information on the recalls, including model types.