Pre Diabetes

Posted on January 24, 2011



“Prediabetes, also known as “impaired glucose tolerance,” is almost always present before a person develops the more serious type 2 diabetes. More than 50 million people in the U.S. over age 20 have prediabetes with blood sugar levels that are higher than normal, but are not high enough to be classified as diabetes” (WebMD). Its lack of symptoms makes the disease difficult to diagnose. Therefore, it is important that one be tested for prediabetes in order to help prevent type 2 diabetes and further health complications.

You should be tested for prediabetes if:

  •   You’re over 45 years of age.
  •   You have any risk factors for diabetes.
  •   You’re overweight with a BMI (body mass index) over 25.
  •   You belong to a high risk ethnic group. These include African Americans, Native Americans, Latinos, and Pacific Islanders

Although most people do not experience any prediabetes symptoms, there are some exceptions. Exceptions to look out for include unusual thirst, frequent need to urinate, blurred vision and extreme fatigue.

For more information on prediabetes visit this here. You may also call the Mayor’s Health Line at (617) 534-5050 for assistance in locating a place to get tested or for information on programs to help those that are diabetic or prediabetic.