New Year’s resolutions

Posted on December 21, 2010



As easy as they are to come up with, there are also easy to break. Many people start their new year with a resolution and goals for healthier habits. For many, those resolutions and goals become a hurdle. Change is possible and here are some ways to help you in achieving your goals to a healthier you in this New Year.  Most of us, when creating a new year’s resolution, tend to set the bar high.  The higher the bar, more challenges we will face and the more difficult they become. Sometimes it becomes frustrating and almost impossible to reach them. Instead, break these goals up into small sets of goals. It is important to start small and then go big. So for example, if your goal is to lose 50lbs, you might want to break it down to something like 5lb a month.  Give the goal a measurable time frame, like ten months, instead of trying to do in a short amount of time. Then make a plan to help you achieve your goal of losing 50lbs.  For example, if going to a gym for at least an hour, for two to three times a week is difficult for you; maybe taking a 30 minute walk each day, and cutting down on the snack foods could be more helpful .  Perhaps, these small goals will help you motivated to achieve your desirable objectives.  It is very good to keep your goal in sight and in reach.

  As a practical matter achieving these goals can be very hard, because people just don’t have enough time to go to the gym. For a goal to work, you must first make it your priority and have the desire to do it. Considering the benefits of making these changes could assist your motivation. Ask yourself, how will my life be impacted when I make this change? Be committed. Build a support group, friends and family could play a supportive role. If any difficulties arise, these people can be there for you as extra help. Remember that change is sometimes challenging, but not impossible and if you are committed and have the right tools, you can do it. Check-in with your primary care clinician or doctor to get more advice regarding any physical activity programs or changes to your nutrition, especially before starting. If you need help finding a doctor or getting an appointment, call the Mayor’s Health Line at 617-534-5050.

Good luck towards your New Year resolution.