tis the season (pt.4of6)

Posted on November 24, 2010


We left off earlier this week informing people about triggers that associate with weight gain during the holidays. Today we will be going over how to be more aware and prevent unhealthy habits. Lets start by addressing the meals being prepared for the holidays. Look at different ways to cook and prepare your meals. check out this out from WebMD:

Traditional treat: Dark turkey meat covered in gravy — because nobody, but nobody, wants to eat the breast meat (not till the next day, that is, when everyone wants white-meat turkey sandwiches, slathered with mayo).

Leaner eat: Choose lower-fat white meat without the skin and enjoy it with just a drizzle of gravy made with defatted pan juices, dry white wine, and low-sodium chicken broth.”

For more ways to make a healthier meal and still have it taste as good or better visit http://www.webmd.com/diet/healthy-holidays-8/merry-recipe-makeovers.

Here’s another way to keep yourself in line for the holidays.

At parties:

  • Eat something before you leave the house so youre not hungry when you get there.
  • Remember that alcohol stimulates your appetite. Rather than drinking a alcoholic drink, keep around with you a glass of juice or ice water.
  • Wear something with a slightly tighter fit on the waist to keep yourself from over eating.
  • Fill up on your fruits and veggiese.. try not to include the dip.

Check out this site for other tips on healthy eating for the holidays for you and the family.  And remember a healthier you means a healthy mind and healthy body.