tis the season (pt.3of6)

Posted on November 22, 2010


The holidays are here and that means a lot of group socializing, a lot of food consumption and drinking; and of course with that comes responsibility.  This holiday season the Mayor’s Health Line is trying to emphasize safety for not only you but also others around you and of course to promote healthier options when celebrating this holiday season. With the holidays here, many people are out socializing which can lead to eating more than usual.  Studies show that people gain the most weight during this season; we are going to help you try to fight back of those unnecessary food cravings. Holidays can be stressful… couple that with lacking sleep and eating in a healthy manner may be the last of your worries; leading to problems.

“there is some research to show that the food itself may act as an emotional trigger, causing even more emotions to bubble to the surface during this time.

Much like music can evoke memories, so can certain foods stir up memories, plus, the olfactory sense is a direct path to the brain…So sometimes, even the smell of a certain holiday dish can evoke an emotional response that ultimately sends you back to the buffet table more times then you even realize — and you don’t even know why.”

Later on this week we will be addressing how to deal with this issue and as well as our tips for drinking during the holidays. And remember a healthier you means a healthy mind and healthy body here a link with more information regarding this topic.