Tis the season..

Posted on November 19, 2010


This month is national cranberries month. And as many know cranberries are a big part of many people’s holiday dinner plans. But did you also know that Massachusetts’ own state fruit, cranberries, are also a great source of antioxidants?  Here is a little history on cranberries:

“More than one-third of the cranberries grown in the United States are made into juice. Fresh whole berries may be purchased, but are often expensive because they have to be hand-picked to avoid the damage caused by machine-picking. Native Americans used cranberries for both their medicinal and natural preservative powers. They brewed cranberry mixtures to draw poison from arrow wounds. They also pounded cranberries into a paste and mixed the paste with dried meat to extend the life of the meat. The name cranberry was given to this plant because the Pilgrims believed the plant looked like the head of a sandhill crane and was originally named “craneberry.” Over time, the “e” was dropped.”

 To read more on cranberries and to see the nutritional value you may visit helpful this site. Here are some different ways to prepare healthy meals with cranberries for the holidays.