Top Public Health News Stories for Week Ending 7/10/10

Posted on July 13, 2010



This frequently updated blog on from the Mayor’s Health Line also highlights key articles from major news publications. Here are some of our favorite recent stories.

U.S. Report on Kids’ Health Brings Mixed Results
HealthDay News, Serena Gordon, 07/09/2010
In an annual report gauging the health and well-being of America’s children, a group of 22 federal agencies reports progress in some areas, preterm births and teen pregnancies in particular, but bad news in other areas, like the number of teens living in poverty. “This report is a status update on how our nation’s children are faring, and it represents large segments of the population,” Dr. Alan E. Guttmacher, acting director of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, said during a press conference.

Goal for High School Smoking Is Unmet
The New York Times, Duff Wilson, 07/08/2010
The nation has failed to reach its 2010 health goal of reducing high school smoking to 16 percent, federal officials said Thursday in a report calling for a resurgence of antismoking advertising to counter the tobacco industry’s $12 billion marketing campaign. “People are getting the image that it’s cool to use nicotine as a drug,” Terry F. Pechacek of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in an interview. “We need to bring back our voice, our antismoking mass media campaign.”

Black and Latino Males Twice as Likely to Have Poor Health
Los Angeles Times (Booster Shots Blog), Shari Roan, 06/30/2010
Given the inequality in healthcare in the United States, it’s no surprise that some groups of people suffer far worse health outcomes than people with better resources. But if there is one group that has been especially overlooked in this equation, it’s black and Latino boys.