Some Interesting Health Care Disparity Resources

Posted on May 13, 2010


What do you know about health care disparities in different populations?

Expand your knowledge and learn more about Native Americans and life expectancy rates:
By Mark Trahant
Daily Yonder: Keep it Rural
“The life expectancy of Native Americans has grown much closer to that of White Americans. But there is still considerable difference from one part of the country to another.” See the chart on life expectancy of Native Americans born from 1999-2001 in 12 Indian Health Service regions.  [American Indian Library Association]

And we’d also like to share few more helpful resources to assist with your work in overcoming health care disparities!


Hottest New Tool in HIV/AIDS Prevention: The Bilingual Glossary
Find Spanish equivalents for English words and vice versa. Rate the translations. Use the tag cloud to find commonly searched terms. Check it out!

Have You Met OSCAR? Researcher and health worker, meet OSCAR. Give a try to the Indian Health Service new search tool, Online Search, Consultation, and Reporting (OSCAR) System, a searchable inventory of information relevant to American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities.