Hip Fractures Can Be Deadly

Posted on May 11, 2010


Hip fractures are very taxing on the body. According to an article in HealthDay News, a study by Belgian researchers shows that older men and women who break their hips are five to eight times more likely to die in the first three months after a break.

The study, lead by Dr. Patrick Haentjens of the Centre for Outcomes Research and the Laboratory for Experimental Surgery at the University Hospital in Brussels, examined studies of participants with hip fractures. They reviewed 22 studies that included more than 578,000 women and 17 studies that included more that 154,000 men. All of the participants had hip fractures and were older than 50.

The research showed that older women‘s risk of dying is greater than 50 percent in the first three months after the hip fracture. Older men’s risk of dying is almost 80 percent during the first three months. The study also showed that the risk increased with age.