May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

Posted on May 6, 2010


May is Better Hearing and Speech Month. The goals of Better Hearing and Speech Month are to promote treatments that can improve quality of life and to raise awareness about communication disorders. Here are some signs from the American Speech- Language- Hearing Association that might help you detect if you or a loved one might have hearing loss.
• Moving so that your ear is closer to where the sound is coming from.
• Frequently asking people to repeat what they have said.
• Understanding what is said better when you look directly at the face of the person speaking or when you wear glasses.
• If you have trouble in group conversations.
• Your friends or family say that your television or radio too loud.
• You have ringing or pain in your ears.
• Some sounds may sound clear while others sound unclear.
If you or your loved ones have any of these signs, you should see an audiologist for a hearing test.
Hearing loss has many different causes, and some of them are preventable.

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