Medicine and Prescription Drug Helpful Links

Posted on April 20, 2010


The Mayor’s Health Line has found a few very interesting links

 about household medications and prescriptions! Read on…

FDA Consumer Education about Medicine
Medicines in My Home (MIMH), an FDA multimedia, educational program on how to use the Drug Facts label to choose over-the-counter medicines and use them safely, has updated ALL its pages with new resources and new materials!!!  The newest addition is an interactive video presentation. The MIMH family invites you into their “Interactive Home” for a unique new way to learn about over-the-counter medicines and the Drug Facts label. There you can move at your own pace, learn through doing the activities, see how the family decides when a medicine is needed, and practice making medicine choices using realistic medicine labels. Adolescents, adults, and teachers can use the modular video alone or with the other MIMH educational materials – in the home, classroom, opt-out, after-school, extension, and other settings.

Patient Provider Communication Resources

Prescriptions Translated to Spanish Could Be Hazardous to Health
Computer translation programs give confusing, incomplete instructions, study finds
By Dennis Thompson
HealthDay Reporter
Many Spanish-speaking people in the United States receive prescription instructions from the pharmacy so poorly translated that the medications are potentially hazardous to their health, a new study shows.