Tips on Taking Your Medications

Posted on March 11, 2010


Even vitamins or over the counter medications can be harmful if they are taken incorrectly or in combination with other medications that they might not mix well with. The University of Virginia Health Systems has some tips published in HealthDay News to prevent problems you might have with your medications.

  • Know that vitamins, supplements and over the counter medications can have side effects if taken incorrectly.
  • Inform all of your doctors about all of the medications you take including vitamins, supplements and over the counter medications.
  • Keep a record of all the medications you take and when you take them.
  • Make sure to store all your medications properly.
  • Follow the instructions on the label of the medication and pay attention to any warnings.
  • Find out how certain foods and other medications will interact with any medications you take.
  • Learn about potential side effects and contact your doctor if you have any problems.
  • Do not be afraid to ask your doctor or pharmacist any questions about your medications.
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