Should I believe that “an apple a day” works?

Posted on February 9, 2010


Based off of a recent study from microbiologists at the University of Denmark’s National Food Institute, we may soon know…

The researchers studied the impact of apples on digestive health and found that pectin, a component in the fruit, can increase levels of bacteria that help the digestive system. More information about the study is available in a HealthDay News article.

The researchers fed rats whole apples and other apple products such as apple juice and apple puree. According to researcher Andrea Wilcks, this apple diet increased a bacteria which improves intestinal health. More research is still needed to determine if this apple diet would have the same effect in humans.

Regardless of the results of future studies, it is still important to eat fruits and vegetables everyday. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that fruits and vegetables have important vitamins and minerals that can protect you from chronic diseases. Click here to find out how many fruits and vegetables you need each day.

For other tips on how to eat healthy while being budget conscious, check out this other great Boston Public Health Commission program’s blog here. It includes some great tips on getting healthy while saving money!

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