Humidifier helps with the flu

Posted on February 8, 2010


You can help keep your home influenza-free with the use of a humidifier, according to a recent study at Oregon State University. Researchers found that increasing the moisture level in the air causes 80% of the flu virus to die within an hour, compared with a 30% drop in a dry environment. One theory: A boost in humidity may deactivate flu molecules while they’re airborne, possibly by altering their size or shape. Set your humidifier to 50%, and be sure to empty, dry, and refill it every day – otherwise you’ll be fighting off the effects of mold and bacteria.

As always, you can also call the Mayor’s Health Line at 617-534-5050 for answers to any of your flu questions and information to a free public vaccination clinic near you!

Check out the BPHC Flu Website for more helpful resources!

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