You have your plane ticket, but are you prepared to travel?

Posted on January 4, 2010


As the winter wears on, many Bostonians seek to escape the cold and travel around the globe. The Mayor’s Health Line would like to let you know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has prepared a guide for safe and healthy traveling, which advises people to be proactive, prepared and protected.

In this guide, the CDC advises you to be proactive by finding out if there are special safety issues you should be concerned about, such as water contamination. As always, you should prepare to travel to any new country by consulting with your doctor and consider any necessary vaccinations or potential recent illnesses that may affect your travel plans. Don’t have a doctor or can’t get an appointment? No worries; the Mayor’s Health Line can help you find a doctor or primary care provider if you don’t already have one. Just call 617-534-5050 or 1-800-847-0710.

The CDC also advises that to best prepare for troubling scenarios. For example, you should have on-hand the contact information for the nearest embassy or consulate. Always carry your insurance information with you and know how it will work outside of your hometown. Don’t forget to pack important medications in your carryon luggage, and to bring over the counter medications that you might need such as cough drops or antihistamines.

Finally, the CDC advises you to be protected. The precautions you take will depend on where you’re traveling. But no matter where you’re traveling this season, it is important to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated.

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